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Designed to extend to your exhibit experience into the lobby, the DONATION STATION replaces the passive donation box with an active and engaging interactive experience. Any visitor that makes a monetary donation to your venue – no matter how large or small – will receive instant recognition for their gift.The more a visitor donates, the more their dynamic patron plaque changes and grows on the virtual donor wall.

Visitor Metrics

Donation Station doesn’t just collect money, it collects visitor information. When a visitor activates the station to donate via cash, coin, or credit card, they are prompted to input their name, zip code and email address—information that your institution can use over and over again. And, back-end metrics allow you to identify donating trends.


Choose a theme from one of our many templates, and we will add your institution’s name or logo. Or, we can create a semi-custom design for an additional fee. Screens within the interactive allow access to your own unique content (text, pictures, and video).


Visitors can explore how the donations support your institution’s mission, read about new fundraising initiatives or exhibitions, or even learn more about future expansion plans!

Attractive "Exhibit"

An attractive, stand-alone unit, the Donation Station is a welcome addition to any special venue lobby. The facade has a removable graphic panel that is printed with your supplied graphics, text or photos.

Ease of Use

Easy to order, easy to install, and easy to operate—just plug it in and you are ready to begin collecting and connecting with your visitors.